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Wondering how to maximize ROI on your Ocala investment properties?

Resolute 360 gives you all the angles.

Traditionally in real estate, marketing properties for rent or sale has consisted of the standard real estate listing. You know those. Photos of the front of the house. The kitchen. The backyard. The master bathroom. The list goes on. But what if your property management marketing efforts went beyond that?

Imagine if prospective renters could take a virtual tour of your property before entering it, complete with a detailed floor plan, saving the in-person visits for only well-qualified potential tenants. Imagine if those tours allowed you, as an investor — whether from afar or right across Marion County and from the comfort of your own home — to get an in-depth look at your property, enabling you to make educated decisions when setting rent and determining which upgrades or repairs to make. And imagine if this was all topped off with a beginning-to-end property management customer service experience that walks you through the whole process, from putting your property on the market to getting your lease signed.

resolute 360

That’s Resolute 360.

Resolute 360 is our tech-first approach to marketing your Ocala, Florida investment property. Resolute 360 is part of our effort to collect the highest rent your property deserves. Our Resolute 360 tool allows you (and us) to inspect all the nooks and crannies and see first-hand any problem areas. It lets you walk through the house without being there. Resolute 360 provides an exceptional property management customer service experience, allowing you the opportunity to move beyond standard video and photos of a property and into an experience that you can control.

Using leading technology software, Resolute Property Management conducts a high-detail scan of your home, taking thousands — sometimes upwards of 10,000 — photos to create a virtual experience. This allows you, as the owner, to see which walls need to be painted, which appliances need updating, where flooring needs work and more — all remotely, from any device, anywhere. Resolute 360 also capitalizes on the same technology to take detailed measurements of each room, creating an accurate floor plan to post online with the listing. This saves you and potential tenants time reviewing the property, leading to faster placement.

These property management marketing tools don’t replace the professional photos tenants are used to seeing and enjoying. They complement one another to create a first-in-class online presence for the listing for your Ocala investment property.

At Resolute, we anticipate the worries and problems you may encounter as an investor. In addition to traditional photos to showcase your home, in-person evaluations are taken by RPM staff to note firsthand anything property owners may want to be aware of. By doing this, we can create a property management customer service experience that is completely catered to your needs.

Our tenant screening process is done with an eye on filling your space for the long-term, with people you can trust occupying your investment. Our thorough background checks on prospective tenants are all done entirely in-house; we do not outsource credit or landlord checks to third parties. Property management in Ocala is our specialty, and our team knows all angles.

The result is a process that is — quite literally — able to look at your home from 360 degrees, all the way from pre-listing to filling it with a tenant, to get you the best possible return on your investment. With both Resolute’ s experienced staff and top-notch property management marketing technology at your fingertips, we’ll have your Ocala investment properties making you money in short time.


What People Are Saying About Us


“I've been with Resolute for several years managing our property and have been extremely happy with all aspects. They are very thorough in evaluating prospective tenants, and very responsive to our tenant's needs as well. From marketing the property to evaluating lease considerations to pricing the property to managing tenants, we have been impressed with the professionalism and happy with the results.”

Tom Stevens

“Resolute is fantastic to work with. They found great tenants for us in a matter of weeks, and have done a great job maintaining and managing our property. We have had the same tenants in for almost 6 years. From the top down their team is fabulous and easy to work with. I highly recommend Resolute Property Management.”

Kristin Goza


matt & tina villella

resolute clients

Nate Cox

resolute clients

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