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WHY choose resolute?

Best People + Best Agent Partners + Best Process = Best Results

We do more than provide support – we help you succeed.

We understand realtors. We’re realtors too. We know what it’s like to have someone steal your client, highjack your commissions. To get entangled with a less-than-ethical partner.

That’s why we put ethics, honesty and the needs of others before our own always. If you’re a Realtor looking for a good place to send clients who are looking for property management services, you can trust in Resolute.  We’re determined to make our referral partners happy.  We pay a $350 referral fee for any new property management account for which we complete tenant placement and management services.

Additionally, we promise that any client you send our way will be redirected back to you if they ever approach us looking to sell their home. We’re not interested in taking those sales opportunities away from you.

We want our investor landlords to stay in touch with the wonderful Realtor who sent them our way!

Relationships. That’s what business is built on. Start building a relationship with us by filling out the form below and getting registered in our Realtor database. Start sending your clients our way!

Join our trusted network of agents

To be a Registered Realtor with Resolute, and be eligible for referral fees & commissions, please complete the form below.

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